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Welcome to Find a Soldier - Your search starts here - British Army.

WW1 - (British Army) - Survivors & Fallen

Search here for that soldier who served and very possibly died in World War One. There is still a lot of information regarding soldiers who served and survived. We have lots of other search categories, do explore them all before contacting us. More

WW2 to present day Service Records (British Army).

We also operate a service for those that require us to apply on their behalf for WW2 Service Records, for this confidential service you need to email Keith with what details you have, he will reply. But first read this general information..

WW1 & WW2 Honour Scrolls

In full colour, overprinted with soldiers details - email Keith

For all the searches listed above email Keith with your initial enquiry.


Australian Army – Boer War through post-WW2

Navy (RAN) – 1911 – 1970

Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) 1921 – 1949

New Zealand

All NZ Armed Forces: Boer War through post WW2 (and up to present day)


Boer War

Canadian Expeditionary Forces (CEF) – WW1

Canadian Armed Forces – WW2 (War dead &Survivors)

For all the searches listed above: Email Kathy Nemaric with your initial enquiry.

About Us

This is a new website which is run by Keith Petvin-Scudamore, Kathy Nemaric & Mike Pruett.

Keith's expertise is Find the Soldier searches of British Army WW1 & WW2.

Kathy Nemaric is a genealogy expert and Find the Soldier searches of all Australian/New Zealand/Canadian Armed Forces.

Mike 's expertise is the excellent Black to Colour service of black and white photographs.

The Service We Provide for WW1 - British Army

Initial search is free, this will give you quite a bit of information: Usually includes Where born/enlisted/resided, and help you to see if you want to take it further Email Keith now with what details you do have, no charge at all.

Database Search and Full Report - WW1 - £30:00 - (includes the archive fee) - Pay here

All regiments of the British Army.

The following searches includes:

The movements of the regiment/unit, and a brief rundown of the actions he would have been involved - Identifying the National Archive Medal Roll Card
Detailing the medals
Analysing the codes used
Determining the date/events and place of death if at all possible. (If applicable)
Giving an outline of the soldiers service and events leading up to death (If applicable) You have the option of purchasing a copy of the Honour Scroll for fallen soldiers, and the option of the Buckingham Palace letter overprinted with the soldiers details.



Contact Us

For British Army Find the Soldier Searches: - Email Keith and send what details you have, he will reply to confirm if the search was successful and give you instructions how to pay using credit card or Pay Pal - any currency accepted.

For Australian/New Zealand/Canadian Armed Forces and Genealogy Searches - Email Kathy Nemaric and send what details you have, she will reply to confirm if the search was successful and give you instructions how to pay using credit card or Pay Pal - any currency accepted.

For Colouring Services with Black2Colour - Email Mike

For Genealogy Services - Email Kathy Nemaric - B M D Records- Census - Pension - Immigrant Passenger Lists


"Black 2 Colour " the Complete Photograph Re-Colouring and Restoration Service - Main Site


British Armed Forces - The complete Tri Service website


This is a unique collection of photographs of First World War battle fields along the Western Front as they are today, do visit this website and see the battlefields from another perspective.

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