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The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is the custodian of the WW2 Service Records of all personnel (Army/Navy/RAF) and Home Guard records (WW2) until they are opened to general public access at The National Archives, may be 15/20 years ahead.

Any websites that you think are accessing those records are mis-leading.

We are here to provide a service for anyone who may require us to process an application which in many cases is not straightforward, we can also often get medical records.

Welcome to Find a Soldier - Your search starts here - British Army.

WW2 to present day Service Records (British Army/Royal Navy/RAF)

We also operate a service for those that require us to apply on their behalf for WW2 Service Records, for this confidential service you need to email Keith with what details you have, he will reply.

Glasgow Records Office (Part of Ministry of Defence), who we have a good relationship with and any problems are quickly sorted as they go to great lengths on our behalf to search for elusive records where the soldier has given a false birth date and other strange things which make searches difficult.

At any one time we may have up to 200 applications, we give each of these our special attention. Many require detailed medical records, we can also apply for these.READ ON

National Service Records (Veterans Living)

Have you ever thought of obtaining your National Service Records. We can get them for you - the fee is £60:00 , (if they fail we will refund the fee just charging you the PayPal - had you paid by cheque, you will be refunded in full ).

Veterans living can obtain these records without any charge from MOD Glasgow, but we charge £60 for the personal service and completion of all administration on your behalf.

WW1 - (British Army) - Survivors & Fallen..

We no longer handle any WW1 enquiries

For all the searches listed above email Keith with your initial enquiry.

You can pay using your PayPal account or by credit card or debit card, any currency is accepted.

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About Us

This website is run by Keith Petvin-Scudamore and Andrea Baxter

Keith is a veteran of the Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry with a lifelong interest in military history. Andrea spent many years as a researcher for a graphic company.


Contact Us

For British Army Find the Soldier Searches: - Email Keith and send what details you have, we will reply to confirm if the search was successful and give you instructions how to pay using credit card or Pay Pal - any currency accepted.



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